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Community | My Online Business Empire



When you get to know and associate with people who are now on the same level with you, and then you see them get a sale, or when you see others achieve something that maybe you had a limiting belief about that it couldn’t happen, well, it changes you.

You know and see how you can do it too. And you’ve got a thriving support structure to guarantee your success and to hold you accountable.

Think of any multi-million dollar business, and there is almost always some type of “key team” involved.

Some people online try to start up masterminds to duplicate this, but it rarely works out. The reason why everyone is has a different agenda and plan of attack. There isn’t concurrency to the group.

They’re like a flock of geese that wants to go in different directions. Yes, they may be all interested in marketing, business, etc., but the “congruence” is not there.

What we have at MOBE is a real community, with all members congruent to similar goals and business ideals. We’re all here to support each other and take things to the next level.

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